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01/27/2015 by ZuZu

New Exclusives: Shirts, Hoodies, Lessons, Join the Band. Plus “I Got You” video!

We’ve reached 55% of our goal for our new album campaign! To show our gratitude, we shared a video of Fuzz and Carrie recording “I Got You” live in the studio with our Kiss Kissers. And let’s not forget, there are just a few days left in our PledgeMusic campaign for Kiss Kiss, so if you haven’t already, visit us on our PledgeMusic page, help fund the project, pre-order a copy, and get full access to some nifty things like this session video.

We’ve also added some exciting new exclusives to the campaign: Kiss Kiss t-shirts and hoodies, Skype lessons with the band, the chance to join the Caravan onstage, and more. Grab that special something for yourself or a friend here:

Thank you,

- Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian


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