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03/07/2013 by ZuZu

Spring Tour and Our Five-Year Anniversary

We are packing up our instruments, a new bag of kitchen appliances and junk to bang on, and one small furry animal… and we are hitting the road! We began working on our next album this winter so we will be trying out a bunch of new songs and additions for the show as well as some of the previous “hits.” And this spring we will be celebrating our five-year anniversary on March 22nd, which coincidentally is the date our Mountain Stage performance will air, so tune in or just come out to celebrate with us.

On our way down the Eastern Seaboard, westward to Colorado and back through the Midwest, we’ll be snapping pics of the best dressed freaks at our shows (not including us) and posting the best of the best on our Facebook. Cast your vote for whoever’s dressed the most elegant, inspired, and, well, freaky to be our “Freak of the Week!” Stir up some fashion ideas by perusing our past Freaks of the Week on Facebook.

Check the schedule to find out if we are in your neck of the woods… because as we like to say, run away from home and join the Caravan!!!

Yours truly,
Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian
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