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Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, the fervent musical couple who front their band, Caravan of Thieves, have traveled a fruitful yet challenging road since they met in late 2003. But over the years each new turn has brought them closer to their vision for what life, love and art should be in their world and how it relates to the people around them.

Shortly after meeting, they found an intimate connection with one another and began blending their voices, writing music, traveling and performing together as the acoustic guitar toting duo they simply called “Fuzz and Carrie”. Using the musical spirit to guide them, they found themselves in different corners of the globe, performing in clubs, festivals, street corners, parks and anywhere they could gather inspiration. Fans of their work as well as a variety of musical collaborators were early witness to their unmistakable chemistry and eager to jump on board with them. Eventually, with a little trial, error and adventure behind them, they arrived at a concept the two of them would soon call “Caravan of Thieves”.

Inspired by the big band swing era, the Quintette du Hot Club de France, Romanticism, musical theater and early American folk music, Caravan of Thieves quickly took shape in the hearts and minds of Fuzz and Carrie and subsequently established a need for them to extend their musical clan. In early 2008, they wrote a handful of songs in this new style and began to fill out their sound with upright bass, violin, an occasional accordion and any other willing participant they could recruit along the way. Caravan of Thieves was born.

By the end of their first year, the Caravan began to gain recognition for their distinctive musical vision, which inspired them to record and release their debut full length album, Bouquet (2009). So Fuzz and Carrie took their show and growing cast of characters on the road, sharing stages with a variety of artists such as Emmylou Harris, Dan Hicks, The Decemberists, Keb Mo, Tom Tom Club, Iron and Wine, Punch Brothers, Robert Cray and many others. They successfully connected with audiences on each of these diverse bills, proving their act to be appreciated by folk, pop, rock and jazz audiences of all ages.

A few albums and a few hundred thousand miles later, Fuzz and Carrie eventually reached a comfortable stride embracing their roles as show and album producers, songwriters and arrangers. They released Mischief Night (2010), The Funhouse (2012) and Kiss Kiss (2015), produced the shows and tours to follow, and continued to introduce a greater blend of styles, instrumentation and musical guests with each new album and tour. As a result, the live performance now covers a wide dynamic range and appeal with each show flowing seamlessly from intimate acoustic duets to entertaining and exciting junk percussion jams to big audience stomp, clap and sing alongs, all while maintaining their spontaneous “street performance brought to the stage” mentality they developed in their early days of performing together.

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According to Fuzz and Carrie, “We’re driven to consistently entertain our audience, in concert and on our studio recordings, which lends to building a community of listeners who can be involved in our show and our creative process in some way, as well as a variety of artists who we can share our vision with. These elements allow our band and our music to be alive, have a soul.”


"Caravan of Thieves stole my heart… the lovely melodies and harmonious vocals of Caravan of Thieves make 'Bouquet' a sweet indulgence, indeed."
–-Washington Post

"This zany group brings a touch of vaudeville, over-the-top theatricality, performance art and an all-but-the-kitchen sink collection of percussion utensils (and a hubcap) to their brand of gypsy swing music… those wild and crazy guys (and gal) turned out to be the most pleasant surprise of the day."
--Huffington Post

"To listen to Caravan of Thieves' live album, 'Mischief Night,' is to transport yourself to a Halloween night of your childhood or to a 19th century campfire in the woods surrounded by gypsies… the group's enjoyable yet spooky sound, fronted by Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, translates well to the stage."
--Relix Magazine

"Caravan of Thieves are too charming, too wry, and just too damn good to fly under anyone's radar... they manage to fuse that dizzying range of influences into an execution of something wholly blistering, intelligent and cohesive"
--Metro Spirit

"The music of 'Bouquet' from Caravan of Thieves will catch hold of your soul, it's languidly frantic, with sensuous backbone to it and something just a little sick hiding behind it all... I can't believe these guys haven't taken the mass market by storm yet"
--EU Jacksonville


"Caravan of Thieves was without a doubt one of the highlights of Musikfest 2012. Their high energy and level of musicianship astounded audiences of all ages. We hope to have them back next year!"
— Helen Smith, Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA

"Caravan of Thieves is truly a band, like no other. In a scene where so many bands sound the same, Caravan's unique style of gypsy rock stands alone. The level of energy they brought to our main stage was amazing, but to see them duplicate that high energy level on the manhattan streets after a Wednesday night, pre-party jam — with a crowd of Chill family late-nighters bellowing the lyrics of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was something I will not soon forget. Fuzz and Carrie have an obvious and infectious chemistry that makes you want to smile and sing. Brian Anderson, lays down a beat that gets into your feet and makes you wanna dance, and Ben's fiddling blows me away, every time. If are looking for something that is both different and at the same time awe inspiring, this is the act to book."
— Dave Marzollo, Catskill Chill Music Festival, Hancock, NY

"Caravan of Thieves not only play their respective instruments with grace and superiority, they also deliver a performance that would rival any punk band's energy no matter the circumstances. The closing set delivered at last year's Tweed River Music Festival in a deluge of rain was one that will live with me forever. Get them while you can!"
— Jeremy Moses, Tweed River Music Festival, Stockbridge, VT

"Caravan of Thieves played and entertained their hearts out to the delight of everyone in attendance...staff, volunteers, crew and audience alike. People were huddled under blankets on the large amphitheatre lawn surrounding the stage, dancing in front of the stage and participating with COT on almost every single song. It was not just a concert, it was a magical experience."
--Cecil Rogers, Production Manager, Levitt Shell, Memphis, TN

"I've had the good fortune of working with Caravan of Thieves at several events we produce. Most notably, they crushed the Martin Stage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. A great band that wants to work! Not take the check and go home."
--Jesse Lundy, Philadelphia Folk Festival

"Caravan of Thieves puts on a GREAT show; high energy and high quality. After they wowed the crowd at SolarFest the first time, they were the first act I signed for the next summer's festival."
--Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, SolarFest, Tinmouth, VT

"Caravan of Thieves stole the show! They were by far the favorite band of the whole festival, based on the standing ovation, the audience attendance and participation, and the survey results from attendees. Not only great musicianship, but great entertainers, they're a tough act to follow, and a whole lot of "bang for the buck"!
--Mark Duval, Cooper's Glen Music Festival

Caravan of Thieves came into our event as an unkown and left leaving the best "Fuzz Buzz" our fans have incurred in many years! Fuzz, the leader of the tribe, has assembled a foursome that produces more energy on stage than the rising sun. An amazing array of color, antics and clean strings. Untypical, unexpected and quite the spectacle!
--Mitch Lind, Riverhawk Music Festival, Brooksville, FL


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