Silence and fire flies
This midnight seems scary
Cries from the banquet
He forgets she's married
Thee parlor scene, the in between
Lions and sheep so he comes, still
Dying to greet her with a bouquet of thoughts
And nothing to say
Wide and ambitious
Suspiciously smiley
All through the hallways to the doorway
Seemed miles
The tailored suit, the interview
She sits and he stares at her waiting
He looks in her eyes and sees a bouquet of thoughts
But nothing to say
Every sound and color wrapped in newspaper
Babies breath, daises, white rose carnations
Saving every thought and phrase in vase
One day you'll be face to face
Randomly chosen
Then thrown in the fire
He was alone and she needed a lighter
The cigarette, like a minuet
Would get them to dance for an hour, and years
And talk in their stares through a bouquet of thoughts
And nothing to say

2008 Copyright Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni