The Funhouse Exit

Don't put your feet on the outside here
There's monsters and goblins and politicians everywhere
A room with sweeping bats and cats and overcrowded schools
An education regulated by cheap and creepy ghouls
And when you're old enough
They'll send you on your way

Look out don't you shout don't you fall
There's doctors with hatchets behind the slanted walls
The clowns and cops with prods with push you through the sinking floors
And send you down a slide where you'll arrive barely alive
And when you're much too old
They'll send you on your way

Should've been careful now your trampled overlooked and done
There's vultures and bankers circling above
Crooked stairs and rolling chairs will spit you at the reapers feet
Cash your tickets pull the lever
Now you are released
And since you're dead and gone
They're gonna bury you
And send you on your way

2011 Copyright Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni