Dr Flynn

Dr Flynn could've been a very happy wife,
Taking the hand of a man she had wanted all her life
Work and career came first that year, she wanted respect
But she was easy on the eyes and became the boss' pet
Oh no no
The choices we make and things we say create the hands of fate
The things she did and words she said drove her man away
She pushed herself ignored her health and began to fall apart
Doomed is the soul who ignores their broken heart
Oh No, No No
Sometimes you lose it all
Some people lose it all
Desperate now for that love she found but too ill and out of faith
She accepts the hand of a lonely old man who only knows her name
Down she fell to a private hell, the middle, where no one dreams
Where beauty and brains are things she will not need
Oh no no
Entitled girls who ignore the world with lies and make believe
Walk an easy road but wear coward's robes when they face eternity
Oh No, No No
Sometimes you lose it all
We're all going to fall
But some people lose it all

2008 Copyright Brian Anderson