Live Forever

Dreadful mirror, peering back at me now
I see the cracks and creases on me
The hand of doom rests upon me

All my stories, all my family heirlooms
Who will steal them when I cease
Will anybody here remember me?

I want to live forever!

Every fountain, every fortune teller
Buying my only incantation
To cure me of my cancellation

Then like magic, unlike any morning
I awake to realize
I haven't aged forty years have passed me by

I want to live forever!

Spiteful decades
Cursed centuries
Every lover
Every friend
Goes away in the end

Got my wishes, got my little blessings
Got my demons, haunting me
Got father time here taunting me 'cause

I don't want to live forever!

2011 Copyright Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni