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Maple Hill Sessions
Kiss Kiss
The Funhouse
Mischief Night
Maple Hill
Kiss Kiss
The Funhouse
Mischief Night

Caravan of Thieves

Fuzz and Carrie

Fuzz and Carrie - Maple Hill Sessions Vol 1 (2016)

Maple Hill Sessions is a new album by Caravans singing, songwriting couple Fuzz and Carrie. Recorded with just the two of them in a barn, its a return to their simple beginnings as an acoustic duo as well as a new venture inspired by some of the intimate live duet moments in their Caravan of Thieves shows.

This 6 song EP contains sincere moments, catchy melodies, some of the playfulness of their Caravan of Thieves music and lots of acoustic guitar and foot stompin to accompany their harmony singing.

Kiss Kiss

01. Crazy

02. Poison
03. I Get Sad
04. Sweeter  
05. Roses/Poison  
06. You Fell Down  
Kiss Kiss (2015)

Kiss Kiss combines the dark humor and sarcastic social commentary of Caravan of Thieves' previous albums with an added emphasis on love and all the beauty and danger it brings.

According to Fuzz and Carrie, "We enjoy writing about concepts that most listeners can relate to while seeing how far we can bring it to the edges of our imaginations, and try to use as many unexpected images and comparisons as we can to illustrate them. One of the main themes behind Kiss Kiss is love, which is already so complex, so we tried to cover as many angles as possible."

Kiss Kiss

01. Disappear

02. This Must Be Love
03. Dead Wrong
04. Home  
05. Wasting My Time  
06. Parents  
07. Hard To Love  
  08. Sweet  
09. I Got You  
  10. Ms Priscilla  
11. Punch  
12. Stranger  
The Funhouse (2012)
Strap in and enjoy the ride... the band's third release and second studio album, The Funhouse broadens the Caravan of Thieves sound to include the kitchen sink, and then some, with a treasure chest of percussively played junk appliances, resonator guitars, banjos and ukuleles, as well as the usual stringed arsenal of violin, upright bass, acoustic guitars and Fuzz and Carrie's distinctive harmony vocal sound. Recorded spring 2011 at world renowned Tarquin Studios and released in 2012 on United For Opportunity, this fan funded album brings the band's gypsy swinging folk and cynical sense of humor to new heights.
The Funhouse

Lyrics 01. The Funhouse Entrance

Lyrics 02. Live Forever
Lyrics 03. I Can't Behave
Lyrics 04. Raise The Dead  
Lyrics 05. Eat You  
Lyrics 06. Sister Went Missing  
Lyrics 07. Candy  
  08. The Funhouse Ride (Part 1)  
Lyrics 09. Haunt Me  
  10. The Funhouse Ride (Part 2)  
Lyrics 11. I Don't Wanna  
Lyrics 12. Monster  
Lyrics 13. Mexico  
Lyrics 14. Shim Sham  
Lyrics 15. The Funhouse Exit  
Mischief Night (2010)
Mischief Night is a live album recorded in one night on May 1, 2010 in Fairfield, CT at FTC StageOne. The band felt their sophomore release needed to be a live recording due to their continuously evolving show and the response and energy they had been receiving from audiences around the country. This album highlights the first two years of some of their most outrageous and engaging on-stage antics, original compositions, cover song favorites such as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and some of the wildest bunch of Freaks ever found in one crowd.
Mischief Night

Lyrics 01. Shim Sham

Lyrics 02. Ghostwriter
Lyrics 03. Bar Isole/ Tocatta e Caravan
Lyrics 04. Bohemian Rhapsody
Lyrics 05. Rattlesnake
Lyrics 06. Psycho Killer
Lyrics 07. The Butcher's Wife
Lyrics 08. You Are My Sunshine
Lyrics 09. Bouquet
Lyrics 10. Girl / Benefit of Mr Kite
Lyrics 11. Billy
Lyrics 12. Freaks
Bouquet (2009)
Caravan of Thieves' debut album was recorded within the first 8 months the band was together, and captures the early spirit of Fuzz and Carrie's vision. Recorded at Carriage House Studios in summer of 2008, Bouquet features 12 "ghost written" stories with fantastic characters, love and deception, satire and macabre, gypsy, swing and folk. Fuzz's band mate in Tom Tom Club, Bruce Martin makes a special guest appearance on accordion.

Lyrics 01. Ghostwriter

Lyrics 02. Rattlesnake
Lyrics 03. The Butcher’s Wife
Lyrics 04. Freaks
Lyrics 05. Bar Isole
Lyrics 06. Billy
Lyrics 07. Bouquet
  08. Zu Zu’s Petals
Lyrics 09. Burial at Sea
Lyrics 10. Box of Charms
Lyrics 11. Angels in Cages
Lyrics 12. Dr Flynn
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