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09/15/2011 by Admin

The Funhouse & Fall Tour

Greetings Fellow Freaks… us Thieves are feeling good about the path the Caravan is traveling these days. The fall tour, the “Funtastical Fall Tour” that is, is looking more exciting by the minute. We embark on a Southeast US journey stopping by some of our favorite haunts, some new towns we can haunt and a haunted Halloween Freakfest or two in Northampton, MA and Portland, ME, the weekend before Halloween. See schedule below for details.

In addition to the shows, sure to be packed with assorted goodies new and old, we have some news worth trumpeting… yes, we have finally put the last nail in the soon to be released full length Caravan of Thieves studio album titled The Funhouse. The official national release date will be some time in early 2012 on UFO Records but for now, we wanted to make it available to you all who have been with us thus far. So there is a limited batch of pre-released copies packed in the van that we plan to take out with us on tour this fall that will only be available at the shows. If you can make it out to one of the Funtastical Fall Tour dates, there will be one there with your name on it (and ours too if you’d like a signature).

For now, take a gander at the Funhouse page we created to get a taste of some music, images, stories, share comments, and stay updated on the album release:

And once again, a special thanks to all the supporters who helped fund the record through Kickstarter. We will have your copies in the mail by next week along with any other gifts we promised.

One last bit of biz… many of you have seen us perform our song “Raise the Dead”. Well besides it being a fun way to end the show and one of the numbers on the new Funhouse album, we decided to film ourselves and a few extra freaks raising the dead, making a video as they say so keep an eye out for that this fall. We are almost done with shooting but want to grab one more scene, in a cemetery of course, with as many extra people as possible. If you’d like to join us, don’t live too far away and have some cool old duds, we will be filming this Saturday, Sept 17 in Bridgeport, CT at Mount Grove Cemetery at 1pm. You can reply to or view the details and respond on this Facebook event.

“Raise The Dead” Video Shoot

Now run away from home and join the Caravan!

Yours truly,

Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian

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