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09/24/2014 by ZuZu

Our Big Fall Tour

Greetings Freaky Family,

Though we are sad to see summer go, it did leave us with fond memories and experiences to take with us. We hope the same for you. A highlight for us was certainly our trip to England, which after getting acclimated to the warm beer and learning the language, we did really well. It’s a lovely place, the shows were brilliant (sorry, had to) and packed with many many new freaks, so its now a mandatory stop on our tour schedule. And sure, we visited a few medieval castles, Roman baths and 4000 year old stones in the ground… why not, right? But it’s a big big world, and now we are setting our sites on a fall tour which crosses the United States, coast to coast. Looking forward to some of our favorite Northeast, Midwest, Southwest and West Coast stops so please check out tour page. And this Halloween we’ll be in San Francisco so it may get extra Freaky! Lots of people have been asking us to bring back Sgt Pepper, so who knows where he might show up on this tour? OK got to go now, back to working on some new music, we have a new album to get done… More details soon!

Love, cheers, kisses, hugs…

Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian


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