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07/31/2013 by ZuZu

Daytrotter session is up while Summer love brings Fall tours…

And so far it’s been nothing but love (with a few all-nighter shindigs) this summer. Frankly, it’s kind of a blur. But in the end, seems we’ll have lots of new ideas, fond memories and a few black lists we’ll need to be removed from… all in a day’s work.

One thing we do remember from this summer was our fun session at Daytrotter in Rock Island, IL. It was on our way to Summer Camp Music Festival so we stopped in, recorded some new songs, some classics, then we jumped in the Mississippi River. They just posted our set so check it out!

And glancing forward, the rest of the summer and fall tour do look exciting with the journey taking us coast to coast and as many in between stops as possible. Lots of new songs, some we’ll play in the shows, some we hope to release this fall, maybe make a video or two? Time will tell. And we are considering covering another artist/full album on this run, hmmm, perhaps at our Philly World Cafe Live Halloween Freakfest? Ideas are welcome so if you’d like to reply, post to our Facebook, Twitter, etc, we’ll be looking out. In the meantime, we’ll see you at one of these shows we’ve arranged for us to all be at, so browse the schedule on our tour page

Yours truly,
Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian
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