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01/27/2015 by ZuZu

New Exclusives: Shirts, Hoodies, Lessons, Join the Band. Plus “I Got You” video!

We’ve reached 55% of our goal for our new album campaign! To show our gratitude, we shared a video of Fuzz and Carrie recording “I Got You” live in the studio with our Kiss Kissers. And let’s not forget, there are just a few days left in our PledgeMusic campaign for Kiss Kiss, so if you haven’t already, visit us on our PledgeMusic page, help fund the project, pre-order a copy, and get full access to some nifty things like this session video.

We’ve also added some exciting new exclusives to the campaign: Kiss Kiss t-shirts and hoodies, Skype lessons with the band, the chance to join the Caravan onstage, and more. Grab that special something for yourself or a friend here:

Thank you,

- Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian

01/08/2015 by ZuZu

Support our new album “Kiss Kiss!”

Attention Freakiest of Freaks!

We are working round the clock to finish up this new album of ours, Kiss Kiss, so everyone can be blasting it through their homes, cars and headsets before the winter is over. And we are close! Just need a few finishing touches and a little more freaky friend support from you to get us there. So please visit our PledgeMusic page and join the Kiss Kiss campaign so you can not only pre-order a copy and get other fun goodies, but also help us get this album out to you lickety-split! And once you sign up you’ll have access to weekly updates on the progress of the album including behind the scenes footage (videos, photos, audio tracks, memoirs, etc) only available through our PledgeMusic site.

We are delighted to have you involved so closely with us on this and we really appreciate your help and support now and throughout the past six years of our Caravan of Thieves journey!

Yours truly,

Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian


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