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12/21/2012 by ZuZu

Update On Our “Homeless for the Holidays” Initiative

Season’s Greetings!

First off we’d like to wish everyone a cheerful and positive holiday season, as tough as that might seem after an especially violent and socially disconnected year. Some might say we’ve lost our way and perhaps that is true, but we’ve traveled all over this country a few times over in 2012 and it’s hard not to see the beauty and potential we all have in us as a species. That is evident in the ongoing kindness, joy and hospitality we see out on the road and at our shows, everyone’s willingness to embrace their own as well as their neighbor’s individuality (inner freak as we say) and the generosity and response we’ve seen in regards to our “Homeless for the Holidays” tour and fundraiser. We just mailed out a check for $1,400 to the National Alliance to End Homelessness and assisting this great organization with money solely generated from download sales of our two holiday songs, sales from our “I Don’t Want Anything for Christmas” pins at shows and just a few extra special donations has truly been an honor. We can’t thank you enough, not just for helping out the homeless population this holiday season but also creating a tiny spark of light and hope for the whole human race. Enough tiny sparks and you have a full blown fireworks show!

Best wishes, happy holidays, peace and love to our freaky family,

Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian
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