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12/22/2015 by ZuZu

Holiday Cheer and a Freaky New Year

Dearest Family of Freaks,

We’d like to wish everyone a joyful, peaceful holiday season, take a moment to reflect on the past year, and gaze ahead towards opportunity for change. Here in the Caravan it’s been an eventful year of album releasing (Kiss Kiss), touring through the states and the UK, celebrating 10 years of marriage (Fuzz and Carrie that is) and expanding our musical concept and family even further.

When the two of us first conceptualized Caravan of Thieves, almost eight years ago to the day, we had the vision of a roving gang of artists and an extended, interchangeable cast of players who we could perform with. Hence the name… Shortly after, however, we began working with two wonderful musicians, Ben Dean and Brian Anderson, and their talents, styles and dedication allowed us to look no further, though we’ve had a few brilliant guests along the way. But we recently learned, due to their other life commitments, our two fine friends would need to step down from being full time band members. As a result, we will be reopening the door to that extended family of musicians.

What you, our beloved freaky family, should expect to see is a variety of amazing instrumentalists, more of the same crazy Caravan show and fun, and an ever-evolving sound and lineup. For the 2016 winter tour, we are excited to introduce Nicole Scorsone (violin), who has toured with Bernie Worrell, River City Extension and Blind Pilot; Rich Zurkowski (upright bass), who has toured with Martin Sexton and Joe Louis Walker; and Dan Asher, also on upright bass. And because we have so many talented friends who play all kinds of instruments, the possibilities will be endless.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Ben and Brian for the past seven years of great performances, hard work and a smashing good time! We’re seeing this as a positive transformation, because everyone knows in music, art and life, evolution is essential, and we are about to take some exciting steps forward with our Caravan of Thieves. Thank you for being with us on our continuing journey.

Happy Holidays and a Beautifully Freaky New Year!

Fuzz and Carrie
Caravan of Thieves


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