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08/07/2014 by ZuZu

Our first UK tour! Plus dates across the US.

Dear Freakiest of Freaks,

We hope everyone has been enjoying some sort of summer bliss. For us, it comes in the form of writing, touring and surviving injuries on the road. And the fun is far from over… On our way to Ohio and Indiana as we speak, just a few more shows in the US…

Then it’s off to the UK for our first little bout around the English countryside, including a show in London!

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And we are determined to finish our record when we get back! So many new songs, ideas, things to bang on … got a good feeling about this one! A fall tour after that, taking us all the way to the other coast, with many stops along the way and once that’s done maybe we’ll chop some wood, build a chicken coop and go to sleep for about a month…

But for now, let’s all run away from home and join the caravan!

Yours truly,
Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian


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