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05/11/2013 by ZuZu

Summer Tour Announcement

A big hello from the kitchen!

After being back in New England from our dashing and fully stimulating spring tour, we have learned that we only need the simplicities in life: something to sing, something to eat, and something to throw rocks at. Once we get in a groove though, several days can go by and ten new songs, twenty sandwiches and two dented walls later, we begin to feel good about ourselves here. And with an exciting summer tour schedule ahead to unleash some of this recently acquired creative energy, and plans to get into the studio to make a new album, things are feeling mostly sunny…with a slight chance of delirium. But on an entirely serious note, we do think you’ll like what we did with the place (and the new songs) so browse the dates on our tour page for upcoming shows in some of our most beloved northeast venues and the awesome outdoor concerts and fests we’ll be performing at around the country. That way we can all meet up for a shindig or two, eh?


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