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10/22/2013 by ZuZu

Presenting Our New Single “Dead Wrong”

Earlier this year Fuzz and Carrie escaped to Kezar Lake, Maine with a couple of guitars and came back with the latest Caravan of Thieves single, “Dead Wrong.” Being amidst the eerie calm of the lake clearly set the tone for this haunting and swampy ballade, but the contrasting cheerful bounce and tongue-in-cheek use of death in the story gave way for playful violin lines, swinging guitars and bass and plenty of our signature junkyard percussion ensemble.

Once it was time to get in the studio, we decided to team up with veteran producer Steve Lunt, engineers Dave Darlington and Chris Sanchez and focus on the one song for a single release. Give it a listen and come hear us play it at a show this fall!
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