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03/12/2012 by ZuZu

“Raise The Dead” Music Video

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and freaks alike, we are proud to inform you all our video for “Raise the Dead” from The Funhouse album is now available for your viewing pleasure. It was debuted exclusively on American Songwriter Magazine last Thursday and now it can be viewed right from our website or YouTube channel.

We’d like to thank those freaky supporters who joined us in making the video last summer, who were willing to dress up like us weirdos and dance around some 300 year old cemeteries and theaters in our home state of Connecticut, who helped us raise the dead as we do every night in the show. Great job with the stomps, claps and looking good everyone! Thanks also to Studio N111/Perro Loco Films for producing the video.

So as we celebrate those beloved deceased and all the great things they accomplished when they were alive, we hope this video and song moves everyone in a special way like it does for us.


Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian
Caravan of Thieves


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